Florida Heritage Book Festival and Writers’ Conference

What: Book Festival and Writers’ Conference
When: September 15 – 16 (The Writers’ Conference), September 17 (The Book Festival)
Where: Flagler College. St. Augustine, Florida.

Why: Join over a hundred other writers in critique workshops, and multiple sessions on the craft and business of writing, and attend presentations from a variety of bestselling authors.

Some events from the writer’s conference:

  • Creating Characters Who Stand the Test of Time – Michael Morris
  • Finding Bigfoot & Developing Scenes – Joe Gisondi
  • How to Let the Necessity of Plot Guide Your Writing – John Dufresne
  • Bookstores & Beyond: Marketing in the Age of Amazon – Brad & Darlyn Kuhn
  • My Fictional Floridians: Point of View and Narrative Shape – Susanna Daniel
  • Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer – Roy Peter Clark
  • Crafting the Character Arc – Jennie Jarvis
  • From Self-Published Author to Number One National Best Seller: The Art and Craft of Writing a Mystery Novel – Terrell Griffin
  • Our American Lives: Fact/Fiction/Film and Craft – Cecilia Milanes
  • The Writing Life: Habits, Attitude, Luck and Poems – Peter Meinke
  • Storybrain: What Recent Discoveries in Neuroscience Mean for Fiction Writers – John Henry Fleming
  • A Good Title is Not Hard to Find – Robin Lippincott

From the organizers:

A day of free author presentations to delight book lovers and inspire authors. This year’s mix of bestselling authors from a range of genres will force tough decisions about which presentations to attend. Check out the festival schedule.

Need new books? Over 70 writers, publishers and book stores will be available at Saturday’s Festival Marketplace for hourly drawings, signings and readings.



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