Imaginarium Writer’s Convention

What: Writer’s convention
When: Oct 7-9 2016
Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Louisville, KY

Why: Learn about writing and publishing in the worlds of books, movies, gaming, music, and graphic novels. Also participate in panels and workshop with 150+ professional guests, along with fun and games, too.

A few selected workshops:

  • Props & Modeling – William Fink
  • Interviewing your Characters – Lynn Tincher
  • Audiobooks – Jack Wallen
  • The Music and How it Can Enhance your Writing– Dave Simms
  • How to do a Book Trailer! – Rebekah McCauliffe
  • Hydra Publications Pitch Session
  • Book Marketing Basics – Eric Beebe
  • Social Media 101 – Violet Patterson
  • The Author/Editor Relationship
  • Big or Small
  • New Author Boot Camp
  • The Business of Being a Writer
  • Submission Etiquette

Crowne Plaza Hotel


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