Free-Write Fling: Get Rid of Writer’s block

Free-Write Fling facilitator Cynthia Morris

Free-Write Fling facilitator Cynthia Morris

What: Month-long writing course, mostly about how to get rid of writer’s block
When: February, May and October, all month
Where: Online


Take part in a course designed to get rid of writer’s block forever. Learn how to avoid procrastination and use the free-writing method. Organizers claim to turn wannabe writers into real writers in a month-long online course.

Facilitated by:

Writer’s coach and author Cynthia Morris

Certified coach & author Cynthia Morris (Create Your Writer’s Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease and the Paris historical novel Chasing Sylvia Beach), has been coaching creatives since 1999.

Tagline: Liberate your creative genius



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