Chanticleer Authors Conference and Book Fair

Hotel Bellwether

What: Chanticleer Authors Conference and Book Fair
When: Mar 31 – Apr 2, 2017
Where: Hotel Bellwether, 1 Bellwether Way, Bellingham WA


Why: Get the tools you need to make yourself known, cultivate readership and increase sales. Get the marketing skills you need and sell more books.

Chanticleer Authors Conference Faculty:

Margie Lawson, Robert Dugoni, Shari Stauch, Chris Humphries, Eileen Cook, Kathy L. Murphy, Diane Isaacs, Kiffer Brown, Pamela Beason, Sara Stamey, and others.


Organizers claim to focus on a wide variety of categories: Autobiography/Memoir, Children’s, Fiction, Humor, Marketing, Mystery, Non-fiction, Publishing, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Screenwriting, Travel and Young Adult.


Attend sessions on the topics below.


  •     Book Marketing Tips & Tools
  •     Engaging Readers and Building a Fan-base using Leadership Communication
  •     Understanding Distribution and Sales Channel
  •     Book Distribution and Trade Show Representation
  •     WattPad – Book Discovery and Building a Fan Base
  •     Publishing Avenues – the latest options
  •     How to Design a Cover that Sells Your Book
  •     Promotions Checklist and Promotional Strategies for Your Books
  •     How to Access Book Clubs and Reading Groups
  •     Secrets to Increasing Your Readership
  •     The Best Services for Selling Your E-Pubs
  •     Reviews – How to make yours work harder for you
  •     Libraries – an insider shares her tips
  •     Author Branding & Internet Identity
  •     Social Media Strategies & Savvy
  •     E-pub Avenues & Tactics
  •     Discoverability Tools & Strategic Planning for Heightened Visibility
  •     Audio Books – Perfect for Today’s Busy “Readers”
  •     The Business of Being a Writer
  •     Collaboration & Networking to Expand Web Presence
  •     Branding & Platform Building
  •     Pricing Strategies


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