Publish with the Hickory Stump

Our new fiction webzine needs short fiction, any genre, for its first issue.

There is no length limit, but $10 is the maximum payment.

Stories may be sad, funny, thought-provoking, or any other tone. Any genre is accepted, as long as the emphasis is on character, although horror is discouraged. Insights into foreign lands and subcultures, alternative voices welcome.

Please check your story for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. When characters speak, they of course may use bad grammar if that is the sort of people they are (naturally first person narrator may also speak in whatever voice suits them. Do not espouse hatred of any portion of society. A character may hold incorrect views, buy the author must not endorse them. No cussing.

This issue’s theme:

First Ever.

Your story should be based on this prompt. How you interpret it is up to you.

Ten dollars for stories 4000 words and over, prorated per word for stories under that length.

Deadline: March 31.

Please submit with the form below: