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Scribes would like to offer the chance for writers to advance their careers. Post your writer’s resume online for free. Only writers will be considered.

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  • If your resume contains non-writing experience, make sure that your writing experience is “Fronted”
  • Send your resume as a PDF. If you don’t know how to do this, then please just check the instructions below. It’s dead easy, just choose ‘Save as’ and then PDF. Details below.
  • Write a 150-300 word summary of your resume, including the type of job you seek.
  • Suggest 1-3 categories for your resume. What sort of writer are you?

The list is also to be advertised in various media where employers will find it.

To submit your form, please use email:

How to save a document as a PDF:

In MS Word:

  1. Click “File”
  2. Click “Save as”
  3. Click “Computer” and then click “Browse”
  4. When the “Save As” dialogue box appears, click on “Save as type”
  5. From the drop-down list, choose “PDF”
  6. Click “Save”
  7.  d Navigate to the folder where you chose to save your file – in this case the desktop – and open it
  8. You will find your PDF file here among your other stuff. Done!

Mac users can find instructions here.

Open office users can find instructions here.


To post your resume online free of charge, send info and attachment to: